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Who We Are

Young Pros Tillamook is a network of likeminded young professionals who work together to grow, connect and engage with each other and the broader Tillamook community.

Why Join

Meet and foster relationships with other young professionals in Tillamook to grow your social and professional network.

Develop your personal and professional skills in leadership, management, civics, public speaking and more.

Make a positive impact on the community through volunteer work, service projects and donation opportunities.


Meet up for sip & shop

Need to unwind after a long week? Join us at Sip & Shop next Friday the 14th at 5:00pm to catch up with friends, enjoy a drink, and check out some shops!


Have Questions? We Have Answers

What is Young Pros Tillamook and Why should I join?

Young Pros Tillamook is a network of likeminded young professionals who grow, connect and engage with each other and their community. As a member, you gain access to exclusive programming, deals to local businesses and a community of other growing professionals in Tillamook. And, thanks to the generous support of the Tillamook County Creamery Association, your first-year membership fees are already covered! (So why not give it a try?)

Do I have to work for or be a Tillamook Chamber of Commerce member to join?

Nope! Although Young Pros Tillamook is a program of the Tillamook Chamber, you do not have to be affiliated with the Chamber to join. This network is open to any young professional who is interested!

Who is considered a young professional?

The programming for Young Pros Tillamook is directed toward people who are seeking personal and professional development opportunities to launch or develop in their career and expand their network. Typically, this targets people between the ages of 21 and 40, but it can also include people looking to re-enter the workforce or people who are looking to make a career change.

What benefits do I get with a membership?

Your Young Pros Tillamook membership gives you access to a digital membership card, which provides free access to all of our events, as well as access to special deals and coupons to local businesses.

Can I attend Young Pros events if I’m not a member?

Yes and no. We understand the importance of being able to give a new organization a trial run, so the first three events you attend before you’re a member are free. After you’ve had a chance to test the waters and see if this network is for you, we hope you’ll sign up for a membership for complete access to all of our programming — but we can’t guarantee free access to our events forever. Insider tip: The Tillamook County Creamery Association has already paid your 2022 membership. If you sign up today, you’ll have complete access to all of our events and programs for free, thanks to their generous sponsorship! It’s the best of both worlds.

How much is a Young Pros Tillamook membership?

Your 2022 membership fees are already covered, thanks to a generous donation from the Tillamook County Creamery Association!

How do I join?

Click on any “Join Now” button you see on this page, or visit

How do you use the information on my application? You won’t send me a bunch of junk mail or sell my info to telemarketing companies, will you?

Absolutely not! We ask for your contact information because we, like any organization, need to know who our members are. We also need a phone number, email and birthdate to link with your digital membership card. any other information you provide on the application helps us determine how to plan events and grow the Young Pros Tillamook network, but we do not share this information with any third parties.

How will I know when events are happening?

Most of our communication will be concentrated on your Young Pros Tillamook app and digital membership card. Here, you can check for upcoming events, add them to your personal calendars and stay up to date on all things Young Pros. We’ll also post events on here on the website, but most of the action will happen on the app to make it easier for you! (We get it; we don’t like checking back on websites all the time, either.)

How can I sponsor the Young Pros Tillamook network?

Thank you in your interest for supporting this program! Contact Justin Aufdermauer at to discuss sponsorship opportunities.